Our Mission

At Jab we believe that life is worth living. No half measures. We’re All in.

We believe training is the foundation. It clears our minds, builds our energy and makes us feel on top of our Game. So, when you put that suit on, slide on that dress, you don’t just wear it, you own it.

When you walk into that business meeting or on that first date, you don’t fear it, you smash it. That’s what Jab is to us. It’s not just a workout, it’s a way of life.


Need a refuel? Energy boost? Fancy a coffee?

We’ve got ya.

The Jab café is here to make the healthy option, the easy option. The post workout shakes which encourage recovery and results.

A good chat over that oat milk cap, which becomes our weekend ritual. The Jab café is here to unite our community, boost results and make health easy.

JAB Boxing Private Hire


GQ –

“you’ll find incredibly intense classes taught with vigour and expertise by JAB’s team of experts. This is tough sweaty work designed to keep you fit and healthy. You have to stan.”


Forbes –

“Boxing clubs are spaces driven by community, and this one is both empowering  and beautifully designed making it an absolute joy to keep coming back again and again.”


Vanity Fair –

“With an unexpected focus on balance and flexibility that makes the floor section feel like a satisfying clash of HIIT and Yoga. That said, you’ll still leave feeling like you’d come out better in a fight than when you went in.”


Fabric –

“Brand new in Mayfair, JAB is the most authentic class-based boxing studio to hit London. Though it draws on the heritage, community and spirit of old school boxing, don’t be put off if that’s not traditionally your scene – JAB promises an electric, all-inclusive atmosphere.”




Private Hire

Please contact for enquires on hiring our facilities.