Prior to the class queries

Do I need to bring my own gloves?

No we have gloves available! They are all disinfected and cleaned after every class in our Glove Room so each pair is hygienic and fresh.  We do always encourage you to wear your own gloves if you’ve got them!  If you want to buy a pair, our front desk can assist you.

Do I need wraps?

If you have your own, please wear them! Wraps protect your wrists and knuckles when boxing so we highly recommend to use them. We sell top quality slip on wraps for £10.00.  Just ask Front Desk and they’ll guide you on size.

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable to train in. We advise wearing proper training shoes suitable for working out.  It is important your feet, ankles and knees are supported.

Can I shower after my session?

Yes! We have excellent changing facilities. We supply towels both for the workout and in the changing rooms.  We also have lockers upstairs and downstairs to put away your personal items.  JAB however does not accept responsibility for anything that is lost/stolen or damaged in the changing areas.

Should I Bring water?

We sell sustainably packaged water for £2.50 (we are plastic free). We also have a water station for you to fill up your own bottles.  We also sell JAB refillable water bottles on Front Desk.

What time should I Arrive before a Session?

Please arrive no less than 15 minutes before your scheduled time. It is good to have enough time to put away your personal items, pick up your gloves, wrap up and get some water… pre order your shake too!  Our coaches will always give a quick introduction/pre-session chat upstairs 5 minutes prior. You don’t want to miss it as you’ll get a feel for what your session is about and what to expect.

What if I’m late?

JAB operates a strict policy on latecomers to a session. It isn’t personal, but it is disruptive to the structure of the session, and to the coach teaching it.  If you arrive 5 minutes after the session has started we wont be able to get you in, but don’t worry we will move you to a different session or pop the credit back on your account to use another day.

Cleaning/Hygiene of the Studio

Following the Covid19 Pandemic, JAB has committed to ensuring the safety and well being of our clients while at the studio.

After each session, our dedicated cleaning team will thoroughly clean every piece of equipment, along with cleaning the floors, bags, and mirrors.  Our coaches will tell you where to drop your equipment used during the workout, particularly on the switch over mid session.  There will be no sharing of equipment during covid regulations.  We ask that everyone is extremely mindful of this.

Post class queries

What do I do with borrowed gloves after the session?

There is a Glove bin in the studio – please place them in there before leaving the main studio. They are then taken to our glove room for through cleaning and disinfecting.

Am I allowed to take a picture?

The answer is Yes! We do however, ask that you refrain from taking photos/using your phone during the session. It is distracting to others and also disrespectful to the coach teaching.  After the session, feel free to take a picture with your coach/mates/partners/fellow JAB Team players and post on your Instagram if you like! Tag us and we can share to our story.  We love building a solid community and this helps us spread our philosophy.

What facilities do you have in the changing rooms?

Our changing rooms are kitted out with top quality hair dryers/GHD straighteners, as well as Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel. We also supply Deodorant, Moisturiser, hair products etc.  These are for shared use, and we ask that these are respected and not removed from the changing rooms.

Can I get a post work out refuel?

YES! Our FOH team will make you the best protein shakes in town. We use all plant based produce and work with the incredible “Form Nutrition” for our Protein.  You are able to also pre-order your shake before a session, so you can Grab and Go.  Just ask for your shake to be charged on account, and it’ll be ready and waiting for when you come upstairs.  There is also the option of a JAB iconic Smoothie Bowl.  More information at the Café.

Our Baristas also make excellent coffee using a fantastic blend from our friends at “The Roasting Party”.

Can I leave my personal items in a locker.

Unfortunately we don’t offer this kind of service. We are not a membership based studio, so we ask you to kindly ensure you remove all your items when you leave the studio.  All lockers are opened at the end of the day and anything left will be placed in lost property.