Jab TV


All the Answers you need to know for JAB TV

1. How Can I get onto JAB Tv
Simple – click the JAB TV link on our home page pop up or follow this link and it will take you to ’Session’ – you just need to create an account.

Please purchase the class up to 1 hour before the class starts. Don’t worry if you don’t make it at that time – it will be available for 24 hours so you can take the class whenever convenient for you

2. Can I have a brief description of the JAB TV session – are they different from the JAB studio classes?
All our online sessions have the same format and style as the studio classes! They are all individually inspired off of a legendary fighter and will be the usual split of 6 rounds on the ground and 6 rounds of boxing. The only difference is that there is no bag to punch, so shadow boxing it is!

3. Are there classes everyday live?
YES! We have live classes every day. Keep checking the schedule for any new additions etc

4. How does payment work?
We have various options available, which are all clearly listed when you sign up.

One class purchase (Drop-In) – £10.00 per class

Unlimited weekly Pass – £35.00 per person

Unlimited Monthly pass – £100.00 per person

5. Do I need any equipment to do the class?
All our sessions are taught in a way that you can still benefit from the session even without equipment! We are selling our JAB TV At Home Packs that consist of 2 types of resistance bands, an agility ring, plus some other goodies! It is £65.00 and can be ordered by emailing us at info@jab-box.com

We do use the bands in the workouts but it isn’t essential! If you want to add some weight to your shadowboxing, we encourage you to get creative! There are lots of items at home you can use for this!

6. Do I need to download a special App to view the live session?
Yes! We recommend downloading Zoom because you will get a far better live stream through zoom instead of just using Your internet browser.

7. Do I need to switch on my camera during the workout?
Totally up to you! There is an option to use the camera so you can see everyone training – OR you can choose to remain in the dark! We do encourage you to switch on the camera as it creates a great atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie as if you were in the studio!