New To Jab?

Don’t Worry We’ll Look After Ya

  • Once you’ve registered, book your spot.
  • Choose to start on the Bag or the Ground.
  • Please arrive 15min prior to class for your induction.
  • Your coach will talk you through the JAB experience.

Need To Know Before Class

What to wear

Something you like to train hard in, feels comfortable and you don’t mind getting sweaty.

What should I bring?

We have towels but, if you want to bring your own, you’re welcome. Remember your gym gear and trainers/boxing boots.

Do I need water?

We like to encourage sustainability so, bring your own reusable bottle or you can buy one with us. We have a filtered water filling station upstairs for you.

Ps. We also sell Planet friendly water cartons at the café.

Do I need wraps?

We sell em, £10 a pair. We advise you to wear them to protect your hands when you’re unleashing the power on the bag. They’re worth having.

Oh shit, I’m late!

If it happens…

We advise you to get there 15 min prior so you know what’s going on and you get the full experience. However, worse case scenario, we’ll do what we can to get you in if you’re late. Just be respectful of others already in the class.


What do I do with the Gloves?

Put your boxing gloves in the glove bin by the studio door when leaving, so they can be cleaned, hung up and ready for your next class.

Share the Buzz

Spud. High five. Shake hands. What ever you’re feeling, just make sure you pass on the High.

Fancy a shower?

Towels, soaps, hairdryers will be waiting for you in the changing rooms.

Grab your shake

Refuel. If you pre-ordered your shake it’ll be waiting for you upstairs in the café. Grab ‘n’ chill or Grab ‘n’ Go… your choice.

JAB Boxing workout