Courtney George

Courtney George

  • aka “Coach Court”
  • A Powerhouse
  • The Queen of Hustle

Courtney walked into her local boxing gym only a few years ago and the deal was sealed.  A down and out natural talent, you’ll often find her training twice a day. Every Day!  This girl is more dedicated than our 7am crew on a dark winters morning.  Her zest for life and radiant smile will rub off on you instantly.  With her infectious energy and unforgiving coaching style, her sessions will make you work harder than you knew possible; striving for another level of fitness that you thought unreachable.

Inspired Fighter – Vasyl Lomachenko
Music – Soul House
Style of Fighting – Boxing off the back foot
Favourite Punch – Backhand to the Body
Go To Ground Work – Kettlebells / Agility Drills / Hand Weights

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