What We’re About


We get that life has its ups and downs. Boxing for us, is what keeps us sane, on the ball and in the game.

We’re a crew of individuals, with an urge to empower, a passion to inspire and we’re here to change the way you experience training. Whatever the goal, we’ve got your back.


JAB Boxing bag work

The Jab Experience

We’re bringing back THE old school

An Authentic Boxing Group workout. Experience what it’s like to go through the 12 rounds of a fighter, in just 45min.

Cardio, Bodyweight, Resistance training combined with an electric atmosphere.

The old school has always worked and it always will work.

Wanna transform the way you feel?

So do we, let’s graft to get it!



We believe in making training an experience. So you don’t dread it, you love it!

Inspired by the old school, so we’re keeping it simple, authentic, straight to the point. Boxing’s been a game changer for us so now we’re bringing it to you. The ones that want to Feel fit. Feel strong and Feel like a real champion.



JAB is the brainchild of former England boxing team captain and multi-title winner, George Veness, who grew up in London’s East End and started boxing when he was six years old. Co-founder Jamie Landesberg has been trained and inspired by George himself for years, and her family has deep roots in the boxing world. 

Our co-founders came together with a vision to challenge the status quo of the fitness industry. 

In a world where screen time is unlimited and community is needed, we believe in the value of simplicity, basic human interaction and an old school way of training that has been empowering people for generations. 

Our dream was to create a space in which we would give people the chance to experience an authentic approach to boxing, understanding it’s heritage and values. 

Boxing clubs are spaces driven by community, self discipline and personal growth. A place where people go to find their purpose and develop their character by challenging themselves in a positive direction. 


Inspired by the late 60s and early 70s, JAB has taken inspiration from the Golden era of boxing.  An era that brought this sport to life.  An era where gloves became red and shorts became blues, yellows & greens… An era when Ali impacted the world and the famous welterweights started to emerge. An era and style that will forever be nostalgic, classy and timeless. 

Jab Boxing Mayfair location



JAB Boxing Limited
32-34 North Audley St

Nearest Tube is: Marble Arch or Bond Street