The Session


Ready to experience the real deal.

12 Rounds in 45min. One half is Bag-work, the other is Ground-work, cardio, bodyweight and resistance training, to give you a complete boxing session.

When we step in that room we unite. We push towards our goals together, with energy, effort and a powerful punch.

Jab Boxing kettle session


When it comes to getting in the zone, the tunes are everything. Whilst your grafting through the rounds, we’re gonna be dropping the beats that get you inspired to win. Lets share the vibes!

JAB Boxing Atmosphere

The Stance

How do I shape up?

Let’s start from the ground up. Footwork is the foundation of a boxing stance. So, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and keep a nice bend in your knees.

If you’re right handed, the right foot goes to back. If you’re left handed, the left foot goes to the back. Remember, the feet stay shoulder width apart at all times.

Hands up. Relax your shoulders and rest your elbows on your body.



The 6 Shots

What are the 6 shots?

“The Backhand will take you around the block, but the Jab will take you around the World.”

The Jab (Fronthand) controls the fight. It also controls the distance between you and the bag. Use it to find your rhythm.

The Backhand is your money maker. When you throw it, pivot from your back foot and rotate through your core.

Front & Back Hooks, the ones they don’t see coming. Arm at 90 degrees, dip and throw from your hips to generate power through the shot. When delivered your shoulder should be facing the bag.

Front & Back Uppercuts, those body snatchers that take your breath away. Arm at 90 degrees just like your hooks, dip your legs and throw your knuckles to the sky.





Stay relaxed and find your flow. Boxing is about movement and using your rhythm to generate power.

When you throw your punches come back to your stance and keep your hands up.

Use your footwork to stay balanced and on the ball after you throw your combinations.

It’s a skill. Take your time, stay focused and have fun, the rest will come.