The Session

Group Sessions & Private Training

Group Sessions

Each session is inspired by a boxing legend, and programmed to teach you the fundamentals & skills that boxers use in their training routines.

  • Session Duration: 45min
  • Group Training of up to 22 people
  • 6 Rounds of Bag-Work
  • 6 Rounds of Ground-Work


Private Training

Private Training gives you a personal and tailored training session, programmed to suit your unique goals & needs. In these sessions, our coaches will go in-depth with you on the fundamentals and skills of boxing, while putting a focus on your overall athletic ability.

  • Session Duration: 60min
  • Individual or with a Partner
  • Program tailored to you.


To enquire about Private Training please email hannah@jab-box.com or phone: 0207 499 8322