The Session

Our training consists of Group Sessions & Private Coaching.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions give you a 12 Round Boxing Experience created to make you feel like you’re in a championship fight. Each session is inspired by a boxing legend, and programmed to teach you the fundamentals & skills that boxers use in their training routines.

  • Session Duration: 45min
  • Group Training of up to 22 people
  • 6 Rounds of Bag-Work
  • 6 Rounds of Ground-Work

Private Coaching

Private Coaching gives you more of a personal and tailored training session, programmed to suit your unique goals & needs. In these sessions, our coaches will go more in-depth with you on the fundamentals and skills of boxing, whilst at the same time putting a focus on your overall athletic ability.

  • Session Duration: 60min
  • Individual or with a Partner
  • Program tailored to you.

(Let us know if you have any injuries or preferred requests)

“An Introduction to Boxing” Package available to Newcomers.  Available to buy online.

To enquire about Private Coaching:-

Email: Info@jab-box.com

Phone: 0207 499 8322